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Powerful Google SEO Cheat Sheet "The 5 Rules of SEO"

SEO for Domain Name, Title Tags, Keywords, Content and Links
Don't pay for SEO, do SEO yourself and save. To get seen on Google you must know these 5 rules. They're based on my many years of Google SEO experience.

They explain the critical importance of..

Domain Name
Learn how to pick a domain name for SEO.

Title Tags
Learn why Title Tags are so important and how to write a good Title Tag.

Learn where to use them, how to use them, and how to do keyword research.

Page Content
Learn the importance of page headlines and page text content for SEO.

Learn what they are and how to get quality links.

They tell you exactly what to do to boost your Google ranking. Plus, they only take a few minutes to read! Get on the first page, get better ranking, get more traffic and eliminate SEO fees.

This is not a book, not a report, and not an academic analysis of SEO. It's a one page cheat sheet from 10 years of real world SEO experience. It cuts through all the SEO gobbledygook. This is a must-read if you want page 1 position. It's the ultimate cheat sheet and a superb SEO investment. Buy and instantly download now!

P.S. Even if you plan to hire an SEO firm you need to know this information!

"The 5 Rules of Google SEO" - Buy Now - Just $5

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