Data Recovery Software for the Mac.
Snoop inside files.



Data Recovery Software for the Mac. Get emergency access to any file.

IMPORTANT: CanOpener does not support Mac OS 10.7 ("Lion") or later. Only purchase CanOpener if you plan to run it on a version of Mac OS earlier than 10.7

Use CanOpener to get into just about any file.
Powerful Mac data recovery software. Our famous universal file opener lets you read any file -- and extract what you need including text, icons, PICS and more. It's perfect for browsing all types of files, including old files, foreign files and files your Mac can't open, and it's indispensable for recovering text from damaged files - a lifesaver!

Plus, CanOpener lets you view virus infected files without launching the virus. So you can safely check suspect files and recover text from them - a powerful way to avoid virus infections!

CanOpener has special text filters that let you...

Extract Names, Phone Numbers, URLs, Email, Web and IP Addresses.

Strip HTML Coding. Remove extra Carriage Returns and blank spaces from email and Web text.

Extract important sentences such as questions or anything containing $'s and numbers.

Rapidly find clean text in files that contain huge amounts of 'garbage'

CanOpener Extractor
Now you are not limited to opening files individually. You can drag and drop any file, or a folder full of files, to do bulk extraction using any of the special text extraction filters! A fantastic time saver!

If you own an earlier version of CanOpener you can upgrade to v5.0 (for Mac OSX) for $30. Order today! Call 1-800-552-9157, or Email

Not sure if you are a registered user?
No problem, just Email your name and address and we'll check to see if you qualify for an upgrade! Or call 1-800-552-9157 to check!

Here is the CanOpener User Guide

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